Price list

valid from 1.1.2015 for new customers

Monthly flat rate

Wifi access2,4,6,7

11,99 €/month

Surcharges for extra internet bandwith2,4,6,7,9

Unlimited download volume. The download speeds for the main device are indicated below.

up to 1000 kbit/s

included in package

up to 2000 kbit/s

1,99 €/month

up to 4000 kbit/s

3,99 €/month

up to 8000 kbit/s + 1 free additional mobile device (up to 1000 kbit/s)

5,99 €/month

up to 16000 kbit/s + 1 free additional mobile device (up to 1000 kbit/s)

7,99 €/month

Do you need a shorter period of notice?

Legal period of notice (3 months), minimum contract length 6 months

included in package

Period of notice and minimum contract length 1 month only4,6,9

2,   €/month

Use further devices with your contract

Mobile devices get additional 1000 kbit/s base speed (but maximum 50% of the full rate)

Additional mobile device (base speed), per device4,6,8,9

1,50 €/month

Additional main device (full speed), per device4,6,8,9

2,99 €/month

Upgrade of a mobile device to full speed, per device4,6,8,9

1,49 €/month

Set-up charges

(except for free devices)

Set-up charge per device (minimum contract length 1 month)6

7,99 €

Set-up charge per device (minimum contract length extra 6 months)


Service charges

Cash payment or payment by bank transferation (excl. bank fees)6

2,   €

Change of MAC address, SSID or password6

7,99 €

Return debit notice (maximum 2 debit intents)6

17,85 €

Payment reminder6

5,   €

Account transaction documentation, copies, annual total invoice, address lookup6

20,   €


2 - The legal term of notice applies, if not ordered otherwise. Dead-line is the last day of each month.

3 - The optional bandwiths are applied 1 working day after the order, if available. They have their own minimum contract lengths and terms of notice (same as main contract) and end with their respective base contract. We inform you about the available bandwidth online during your sign-up process.

4 - The monthly fees are charged only in fraction according to the remaining days in the first month.

6 - Service at the customer location incl. 19% VAT, tax no. 02688803637

7 - The complete network offers the latest technology. It supports the standard 802.11n (with WPA encryption with individual keys) and offers a maximum gross speed of 300 MBit/s (net max. 16 MBit/s), if you use a compatible adapter. You can also use adaptors with standard 802.11b with a max. gross speed of 11 MBit/s (max. net 2 MBit/s). Adapters according the standard 802.11g can be used up to a gross speed of 54 MBit/s (max. net 10 MBit/s). The net speed is max. about 20% of the gross value which is indicated by the adapter in your PC, limited by the ordered internet bandwidth. If the signal quality of your Wifi device is not sufficient for the ordered internet speed, you will get a notice during the order process. In this case we will give you a rough indication of the maximum net speed.

8 - You can connect up to 4 devices to the same access point, if they are used by the same user. You must not give away your connection to other users in different households. The monthly surcharge will not be applied during the first month.

9 - It is not possible to lower the minimum contract length, period of notice, bandwidth or the number of registered devices on a active contract.

wlanBONN is offered to you by: Stefan Scheller Netzwerke, Cm. de Pinto 16, E-38789 Puntagorda