Questions & Answers

Here you will find the most common questions and answers about wlanBONN:

1 - Sign-up

2 - The Wifi network

3 - Phone and TV

4 - Contract and payment

5 - Tech details and security

6 - I have a problem - who can help me?

1 - Sign-up

What are the minimum requirements for my PC?

Your PC just needs a Wifi adapter which is compatible to the standards 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n. Virtually all laptops which have been sold since 2006 will have one of these adapters. You can also fit your PC with an external Wifi adapter, e.g. with a Wifi USB stick.

How can I sign up with wlanBONN?

You have two possiblities to sign up: Either you sign up online for yourself or you call us and make an appointment with one of our technicians who will then connect your PC to the internet. If you chose to sign up online, you save the 20 € that would charge the technician. The service of the technician is done directy in your home. This offers you the convenience that everything works according to your wishes.

How do I sign up online?

You can sign up for the network in three simple steps:

How can I arrange an appointment with a technician?

If you want so, we can visit you in your home and set up the internet for you. Just call us at 0228 6204455 (Mo-Th 3-5 pm). The technician can as well install an external Wifi adapter, should your PC not have one yet.

How long does it take to get the internet access?

After the sign-up it takes at most 24 hours (but not on weekends or holidays) for us to set up your internet access.

How do I set up the internet access?

After having signed up for the internet, you will receive your WPA key and the name of the encrypted network. This is how you connect your PC to the internet:

Do I need to type in my password each time I access the network?

No, normally your PC saves the password for later use.

I followed the instructions, however the internet still does not work

The most common reasons for not getting access to the internet are:

2 - The Wifi network

Which Wifi adapters are compatible?

You can use all WLAN network cards that comply to the following standards:

Virtually all wireless network cards comply to one of these standards. However, there may be some cards which are incompatible. Consult us if you have any questions regarding this.

How fast is the network?

Our network supports the standard 802.11n, Draft 2, MIMO 3x3. This means under theoretically optimal conditions up to 300 MBit/s physical bandwidth (per access point, some access points up to 54 MBit/s). In pratice, the achievable speed is lower. About 20% of the indicated gross rate are realistic. The gross rate for sending data is indicated by your PC. During the sign-up to our network you have a choice of internet speeds which are achievable in practice.

Is my signal strength sufficient for my desired internet speed?

During the sign-up we check automatically your signal quality and if it supports your selected internet speed. If not, we will notice you about that. You can then decide to continue anyway, finding a better place for your PC respective wireless network adapter or to try a different more powerful Wifi adapter.

How can I optimize my signal level?

A good signal level is essential for a stable and fast network. Close to the window your signal is best.

I want to access the internet with a different PC or another wireless adapter

Your access works initially only with the same PC (Wifi adapter) that you have used for signing up. In case you want to change your PC (resp. adapter) you need to send us its MAC address (see below). We charge you every change.

Can I use the network with various wireless devices at the same time?

Yes, you can register an additional PC or wireless devices (e.g. a Wifi phone, a Wifi radio, up to 4 devices altogether). And all this for only a small premium for each additional device. Just tell us the MAC addresses of your devices.

How do I tell the MAC address of my PC or Wifi device?

Most WLAN devices have a sticker which indicates its 12-digit MAC address. If you are using Windows, the MAC address is called "Physical Address". If you own a Mac, look for "Airport ID".

Here is how you find your MAC address with Windows XP:

Go to Start... All Programs... Utilities... System prompt... (or just type into the "Run" field: cmd)
Type there: ipconfig /all
Look for the line Wireless network connection. Directly below it, you will find the line Physical address. This is the 12-digit MAC address, please send it to us at

Please keep in mind that all of your registered wireless devices must be your property and must be used usually be you. It is prohibited to give away your Wifi connection to other homes.

May I give away my internet connection to other persons in different homes?

No, you must not do that. The monthly costs are per home. If we discover that you let your Wifi connection be used by other persons in other homes, we would charge you our damage at twice the regular rate.

My Wifi phone, Wifi radio, wireless camera etc. only support WEP...

No problem, just ask us for a WEP key (WEP128+).

3 - Phone and TV

Can I place telephone calls over the network?

Yes, our network is fully compatible to SIP and Skype. You can use any SIP compatible IP phone or a Skype phone. You will need a user account with a SIP provider or with Skype.

Which IP phone providers can I use?

You can use any SIP phone provider or Skype. One of our favorites is which gives away phone numbers with the 0228 Bonn prefix, but possibly other provider fit your needs better. For any questions regarding SIP or Skype, consult your IP phone provider, not wlanBONN.

Can I use a Wifi radio?

Yes we are compatible to IP radio. For any questions regarding the radio, consult your IP radio provider, not wlanBONN.

Can I watch TV via wlanBONN?

Yes, we are compatible to IP-TV. We recommend to sign up for a higher bandwidth if you want to fully enjoy IP-TV. For any questions regarding IP-TV, consult your IPTV provider, not wlanBONN.

4 - Contract and payment

Which minimum contract length and period of notice does my contract have?

We offer contracts with a minimum length of one, six and twelve months. If you chose a minimum length of 6 months, you save the set up fee of 10 €. You can cancel your contract any time (but not sooner than the minimum contract length). The term of notice is normally legal, i.e. 3 months at each month's end. Cancellations on another day than the last day of a month count as if they had been made at the end of the month. For a surcharge you can also opt for a contract with a notice of only 1 month.

Can I order a higher internet speed later on?

Yes, of course. Just write us an email.

Do the terms of notice also apply to the speed options?

Yes. If you have a contract with legal period of notice, this will also apply to your speed options.

What do I have to do when I am planning to move out?

Remenber that wlanBONN is independent of your landlord. So you have to send your cancellation not only to your landlord for your rented flat, but also to wlanBONN. Write to

How do I pay?

The payment is generally done by direct account debit from your German bank account. If you have no German bank account (yet), you can pay by cash or by account transfer (a surcharge applies then). The payment is always done on each month's first working day. Only the first payment is done until 3 days after signing up. If you pay by cash, we ask you to pay the whole amount until the end of your contract.

I do not have a German bank account. Can I also pay cash or by european account transfer (IBAN/SWIFT)?

Yes. Click during sign-up onto "I do not have a German bank account" and please select how many months you want to pay. We will then inform you about our account details and the total amount and where you can ingress the cash payment.

Do I have to pay the first month in full, even if I use only a fraction of it?

Don't worry, the first month is billed according to the remaining days only.

What is a return debit notice?

If your account does not have funds and you have not negotiated a credit line with your bank, your bank may deny to pay us. Your and our bank will charge this. In this case we try to withdraw the payment again 14 days after. You will default after a return debit notice automatically, without further notice.

What if my bank refuses a payment on the second opportunity again?

In this case we will block your internet access without further warning. If you default for more than 2 months, we will bill you the remaining contract in one amount directly can cancel your contract.

Can I change my bank account details?

You can change your bank account number anytime. Just send us an e-mail and inform us about your new bank account number (please do that at least 3 bank working days in advance).

Can I cancel my authorisation for the direct account debit?

wlanBONN offers two payment methods: payment by direct account debit or paying in advance until the end of the contract. If you want to cancel the authorisation for the direct account debit, you have to cancel your internet contract as well and pay the remaining months in advance. If you wish this, please send us a cancellation of your Wifi contract and mention that you want to cancel your direct account debit authorisation prematurely. We will then inform you about the remaining amount. As soon as the remaining amount has been transferred to our bank account (at least 3 working days before the next payment day), we will no longer withdraw any money from your bank account.

I need an invoice

wlanBONN issues a summary invoice at the end of your contract upon request. You agree that you do not need monthly invoices.

When does the contract become effective if I sign up online?

When you sign up online, you are giving us a definitive offer for a contract by clicking onto "Order". You have then a maximum 14 day period of for cancelling your definitive offer. wlanBONN accepts your definitive offer by providing you the access to the internet. Your right of cancellation ceases at this point. wlanBONN reserves the right of not accepting your offer if you have given incomplete or wrong personal details.

5 - Tech details and security

Is the Wifi access secure?

Yes. You will get a securely encrypted access with the WPA-AES (standard 802.11i) cipher (for some adapters the cipher WPA-TKIP is used). This cipher is considered as very safe. And you get your own personal WPA key. No one else than you (and we) know it and it works only on your PC.

I have problems sending e-mails. What's wrong?

Please change in your e-mail program the port number which is used for sending e-mails (SMTP) from the default value 25 to 587, and everything will work! Or - even better and if your e-mail provider supports it, use secured SMTPS on port 465 instead. (wlanBONN supports the internet standard RFC 4409 to avoid spam).

Which firewall and antivirus program do you recommend?

We recommend the firewall that comes built in with Windows. We do not recomment other firewall products (because they can mess up your internet access more easily than they are helpful). AVG and Avira offer free antivirus tools which have a good reputation.

Which IP adress do I get?

You get automatically (via DHCP) a private IP address out of the range 10.x.y.z, which is translated by a NAT to public IP adresses.

Can I run an public server?

The network was not designed for offering public server services.

Can I connect a router?

Yes, e.g. the model Buffalo WHR-HP-54. You can also use any other Wifi router as long as it supports the "AP client" mode.

What happens if my Wireless adapter is incompatible?

In the rare case that you have a defective or incompatible wireless adapter which interferes with the network or that your PC is disturbing the data traffic of other customers, the system administrator of wlanBONN may restrict or block your access. This also applies if you are running your Wifi adapter for a prolonged time at a too low signal level.

6 - I have a problem - who can help me?

My internet access worked fine, but suddenly it stopped working. What shall I do?

Please check the following if your internet does not work:

My PC does not work

Please call your PC dealer. If you get a new PC, please inform us about its new MAC address (see above).

My PC has a virus, can wlanBONN help me?

We can recommend an engineer who will try to fix your problem (he will charge you for that).

What e-mail address does wlanBONN have?

If you have a problem, write to Only if you cannot send an e-mail anymore, call us.

What is the fax number of wlanBONN?

Fax (0228) 40988499

What is the phone number of wlanBONN?

Phone (0228) 6204455, mondays to thursdays from 3 to 5 pm.

wlanBONN is offered to you by: Stefan Scheller Netzwerke, Cm. de Pinto 16, E-38789 Puntagorda, NIF X-7941O35-D